Now I’m torn: when they announced yet more DLC for Mass Effect 3, I could hardly muster any enthusiasm. DLC for a game that I finished MONTHS ago does not appeal. What’s more, my ending (don’t know about yours!) was rather final and pretty much closed the book on my Shepard; suddenly jumping back into his shoes after I’d said my goodbyes just feels… off.

And then they release this trailer. Mass Effect 3’s upcoming “Omega” DLC looks really good, and now I’m kind of bummed it wasn’t the first dose of DLC instead of that torrent of multiplayer schlock we were given.

The DLC sees Shepard teaming up with Asari crime boss Aria to take back control of the Omega space station, which is currently under Cerberus rule. This appeals because Aria was an interesting and horribly under-utilised character in the main game, and your meddlings also promise to piss off the Illusive Man who is, let’s face it, the most condescending douche in any video game ever. Hit the jump for the trailer.


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