Months ago, Irrational Games implied that they weren’t ready to talk about the multiplayer component of BioShock Infinite. It turns out that the reason they were keeping quiet was because the mode doesn’t exist.

Ken Levine confirmed over Twitter that there will be no Multiplayer mode in upcoming BioShock Infinite. The reveal was weaselled out of him thanks to the impromptu Q&A sessions he regularly holds over Twitter. When asked whether or not he could clear up if the game would have multiplayer modes, he simply replied “nope”, which was later extrapolated to “no multi” in a follow-up tweet.

For many this will come as good news considering how the rise of “shoe-horned” multiplayer modes has become an increasingly prickly subject for a lot of gamers. Most fans of single-player games maintain that developers often include mediocre multiplayer modes in an attempt to breathe some longevity into the title; this often happens at the expense of the single-player mode which, in turn, receives less development attention.

Source: Twitter 1 & 2
Via: Polygon

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