If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll know that both AMD and Nvidia have reached the end of their release schedules for 2012. Both companies will now be concentrating on their releases for next year and all indications are that AMD’s Oland will be here around February next year. For the mobile segment though, we may have more of a rebranding scheme than anything else.

Recently Skinflint users picked up that two laptops shouldn’t actually exist – pictured up top is ASUS’ Vivobook U38DT featuring a quad-core A8 Trinity processor and the HD8550M. Its debatable whether its actually an Oland-based graphics solution or simply another VLIW4 variant of what used to be the HD6550M. Whatever the case may be, isn’t it a little too early for some rebranding love? Its not likely to be any faster than the current HD7550M but may feature a lower power envelope and perhaps slightly higher clock speeds, but I don’t expect more than that.

Acer was also one of the brands that had something in there that doesn’t yet belong – Nvidia’s GT730M. Again, I very much doubt this is anything more than a rebranded GT630M with a slightly higher clock speed. With Kepler being a completely new direction for the company, they are likely to keep on tweaking it until they can turn it into a second-generation architecture. Both Kepler and  GCN (Graphics Core Next) are completely new takes on existing graphics architecture, so I’m pretty sure both companies just want to recover their R&D costs first. Remember kids, rebranding isn’t a sin, its just a way for these companies to make their money.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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