Tomb Raider’s global brand director Karl Stewart took the reins of the official Tomb Raider Twitter account for an hour-long Q&A with fans of the game. During that time, a number if interesting bits of information surfaced such as Lara having a regenerative health system, which obviates the need to find items to heal her.

The game will also be around 12-15 hours long depending on your play style. Stewart also revealed that there would be “tons” of secrets, artefacts and hidden rooms to find, along with an extensive set of side quests to keep you distracted on the island. Interestingly, one of the series’ staples has been removed entirely: swimming. Stewart confirmed that while Lara hasn’t forgotten how to swim, there will be no swimming sections in the game.

Developer Crystal Dynamics is about to begin a new marketing push in December. You can expect more details on the game’s climbing mechanics and traversal systems then.  If you missed our recent hands-on preview with the game, you can find that over here. Tomb Raider is out on 05 March 2013.

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