Destiny is developer Bungie’s next big thing. The studio that created the Halo franchise has been busy creating their next game ever since they handed over the Halo franchise to 343 Industries. Not much is known about Destiny; it’s still unknown whether that is its final title. A little more information (and awesome artwork) has recently leaked online.

IGN was the first website to post the new information, but Kotaku has stated that they actually received most of this stuff earlier in the month and refrained from posting it because they were unable to verify authenticity. Bungie has, however, now confirmed that the artwork and project details are legit. Their homepage has been updated with a brief statement and additional piece of artwork. This is the second time Destiny has experienced a leak.

The universe of Destiny is grounded in our own; humans have colonised other planets but were forced off them once aliens attacked. Humanity has now retreated to Earth where everyone lives in the one surviving city. Last City is under constant threat by alien invasion, but a massive alien ship “hangs overhead like a second moon” to defend what’s left of humanity. Nothing is known about the defending ship, but we’re guessing that finding out about it will form one of the plot’s cornerstones.

You can check out the rest of the leaked images below. Bungie has confirmed that a lot of the content was meant for an advertising agency to put together a brief for explaining the project to outsiders.

Things that are worth noticing is that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 logos are visible on the newly leaked Destiny logo. There’s also no mention of the game being an MMO, but the leaked information screens do highlight the “highly social” aspect of the title. Bungie did tease that the game would be an MMO, but they followed that up by saying they were joking – thankfully .

Further points to get excited about is that the game is designed around the notion of “open exploration” and that it will include traveling to other planets. They’re also hoping to make the universe as rich and detailed as that of Star Wars.

Source: IGN & Kotaku

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