AMD has a rather large building in Austin, Texas, that serves as a supplementary headquarters to their main one in Sunnyvale, California. Naturally its an asset that requires a lot of upkeep, so to free up some funds the company has decided to list it at a market price between $150-$200 million and lease it from prospective buyers, giving it some extra cash in the short-term while giving it better control over monthly spends by simply leasing the property. Reuters also reported spokeman Drew Prarie as confirming that the company also sold and subsequently leased a part of their headquarters in California and a building in Markhem, Toronto. While its a good idea, some doomsday predictors pointed out that Silicon Graphics and Rambus did the same thing when its core business started to crumble. Thanks to the Radeon brand that’s probably not going to happen and seeing the company take more care in its finances is probably a relief to investors and stock owners.

Source: Reuters News Agency

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