A few months ago, EA announced that Dragon Age III: Inquisition was a thing that was coming. At the time it was a thing that was coming towards the end of 2013. That is no longer the case according to a CV update by Tao Gu over on LinkedIn. Gu isn’t only a person with an awesome surname (I am the perfect judge of awesome surnames considering how batshit insane my one is), but a person who designs game levels for EA Shanghai.

According to the CV update: “Scope of the DAIII has been changed, which will target next gen platform and will be postpone to 2014.” The game, like every EA game these days, is being built on the Frostbite 2 engine – an engine that EA has claimed was developed with next-gen in mind.

So far very little is known about Dragon Age III aside from the announcement made via an open letter by executive producer Mark Darrah. In case you missed that, you can find it over here.

Source: Polygon

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