Perhaps the burden of imbuing Far Cry 3 with as much insanity as possible has begun affecting the people who made the game? Perhaps some of that insanity (or, you know, all of it) has spilled out of the development department and into the marketing department, because here is a launch trailer for Far Cry 3 and it’s a whopping 10 minutes long.

Ubisoft’s excuse is that a game this massive deserves an equally massive launch trailer. There are benefits I suppose, such as if you find yourself in the highly unlikely position of not having seen any marketing up until this point. If that’s the case then you’re about to get a 10 minute crash course in Far Cry 3. It does, however, contain a lot of new footage, some really goofy narration, and a rather verbose summary (oxymoron alert!) of the entire game. Also, there’s some NSFW language at about the 7:34 mark that just slays me; honestly, it’s like Ubisoft’s writers went on holiday at that point and handed over NPC script writing duties to an eleven-year-old.

Grab your morning coffee, whiskey or tea and monocle, get comfortable and hit that jump. Aren’t you glad this comes out tomorrow?


It’s also worth noting that Ubisoft has released a launch patch for the PC version which they claim is a “critical” patch that “needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience.” The publisher cautions that the patch will download automatically the moment Uplay is installed, and that if the update keeps crashing then you just have to keep trying. Sounds like they’re anticipating some serious server load.

Source: Polygon

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