As the NAG Twitter feed pointed out, today is a good day: the Wii U released locally, the new James Bond film starts and Far Cry 3 has been released. So in order to balance all of that unbridled excitement and frivolity, let’s read some depressing news.

Ron Gilbert has expressed his dejection in the wake of the Disney buyout of the Star Wars IP. As you all know, The Walt Disney Company purchased everything that George Lucas owned, including that IP from a galaxy far, far away as well as LucasArts and all of its gaming franchises. Those gaming franchises include the Monkey Island IP and the Maniac Mansion IP, both of which Ron Gilbert created when he worked for the company that was called Lucasfilm Games back then.

“It’s kind of sad in a way. Yeah, I wish I owned Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, you know? The fact that Lucasfilm owned them, I guess I was kind of OK with that, right? Because I made them there. But now that they’re owned by someone else–that kind of sits weird with me. It’s like, ‘Well, if someone else is going to own Monkey Island, it should be me that owns Monkey Island.’”

Disney is notorious for sitting on stagnant IPs, and Gilbert is aware of that. To make matters worse, soon after the buyout by Disney was confirmed, the company announced that their primary focus for game development would be mobile titles.

“I would find it hard to believe that Disney would do anything with them, just because I think they just have a lot more important things that will make them a lot more money,” Gilbert told website PC Gamer. “And they’ve even said—even when they announced this thing—they said they’re really focused on mobile games. They’re just not doing PC games, they’re not doing console games, it’s just not their focus. So, I kind of don’t think they’re really going to do anything, and I think this probably wasn’t even on their radar when they bought Lucasfilm either.”

The notion of buying back his IPs has already crossed Gilbert’s mind, but he’s being realistic about that notion: “It’s not like I could ever offer them enough money to make it worth their while for them. They just seem to be a company that hoards IP, and that kind of worries me. If it had been anyone else but Disney that bought them, I would try to go put together some money and buy them back. But because it’s Disney, maybe not. But we’ll see, you never know.”

Aww damn it – now I’m sad.

Source: PC Gamer

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