Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!

In the interests of wanting to save you from stumbling around in the dark, looking for a light switch (i.e. the first day of our 25 Days of Giving extravaganza) that isn’t there, we’re here to bring you some sad, sad news. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Internet failings and other nefarious factors which we’re convinced have all been orchestrated by a band of vicious piranha poodles led by Lady Gaga [disclaimer: that was a joke], days one and two of our 25 Days of Giving competition won’t be going up today and tomorrow as originally planned. Instead, we’ll put up days one, two and three on Monday, which will hopefully immediately make the most horrid day of the week automatically better, thereby leading you to forgive us for the confusion and the sudden lack of free stuff. We’re really sorry!

Now, get back to your merry gaming!

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