There’s a Mirror’s Edge Easter egg in latest Battlefield 3 DLC

Mirror’s Edge news just keeps turning up; one would think that developer DICE would be making a sequel or something. Apparently that sequel is “general knowledge” to the development scene in Sweden, but for the rest of us, we’re still waiting for something a little more concrete from EA and DICE.

This could be absolutely nothing more than a fun little nod to the original game, but there’s a Mirror’s Edge Easter egg in the latest piece of Battlefield 3 DLC: “Aftermath”. If you hope into a helicopter and fly to the top of one of the tall buildings found on the “Markaz Monolith” map, you’ll be able to find Faith’s (the protagonist from Mirror’s Edge) running shoes. If you get close enough to the shoes and listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear her breathing as well.

Could this be a little calling-card to remind us that DICE hasn’t forgotten about Mirror’s Edge, or is it just an Easter egg for the fun of it? Hit the jump to see a video of the Easter egg.