25 Days of Giving: Day Four

You find yourself afflicted by flesh-eating bacteria. The only way to get the serum you need to keep the om-nomming parasites at bay and stop them from ruining all of your days, ever, is to jump into the depths of this post’s beyond. GO.

Ha! You’ve been had. There’s no life-saving serum here! There is only the Antec P280, member of the slick Performance One Series of classy PC cases. We’re sure that winning it would make this whole flesh-eating bacteria thing a bit more bearable. There’s a bit of communication fail with today’s prize, so we can’t tell you for sure if it’s the Antec P280 that’s white with a window, or if it’s this black one:

Either way, we’re sure you’ll find its feature list well worth the excellent price of FREE. If you hate looking at lists o’ features, there’s always the handy video we’ve embedded below. Now, what you should do is leave a comment below if you’d like to enter the running for a(nother) new enclosure. Do it.