25 Days of Giving: Day Five

Just don’t have the power? We’re sorry. Just a hint: we suggest that you muster up any power you may have left to drag your mouse towards the read more button below. It could be helpful.

And day five’s prize is… an Antec HCG-620M power supply! The HCG stands for “High Current Gamer”, which sounds equal parts ominous and impressive. The 620 watts of power it provides should hopefully help you out of your low-power bind. You can thank us later.

As with most of the other Antec goodies, there’s a handy video embedded below that wins at briefly detailing the 620M’s features if you happen to hate reading feature lists, as you’ll find here. As always, a comment in the comments section below gets you in the running to win the 620M, so make that happen.