Epic Games president retires

The president of Epic Games, Mike Capps, has announced his retirement from the company that he has helmed for the last ten years. Capps made the announcement in a post on Epic’s website, in which he explained that he will be staying on in an advisory position and member of the Epic board of directors.

Capps’s decision to retire from his presidential position will allow him to focus on his family. He and his wife are expecting a child, and he is aiming to be a “stay at home dad” for the coming months. In addition to “cleaning up baby barf”, Capps aims to do some charity work, creative writing and teaching.

This is the second high profile departure from Epic Games in less than two months. At the beginning of October, design director Cliff Bleszinski left the company after twenty years of service. Both departures have been amicable.

Source: Epic Games
Via: Polygon

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