New Far Cry 3 co-op DLC exclusive to PlayStation 3

Far Cry 3 has a pretty robust multiplayer offering. There’s the usual kill everyone kind of stuff, but then there’s the co-op option, which sees you and three friends playing an entire multiplayer story campaign. It’s similar in execution to Left 4 Dead in that there are four characters and a set amount of chapters to play through.

Ubisoft Massive, the separate development team behind Far Cry 3’s co-op campaign, has announced that they’re bringing the final two co-op chapters exclusively to PlayStation 3. The DLC pack is entitled “High Tides” and features the last two chapters (entitled Jailbreak and Redemption) in the gang’s journey to escape the island.

“‘High Tides’ will take place where the original six co-op chapters left off,” explained Massive’s Meghan Watt, “These are the gang’s final moments, and we’re really challenging ourselves to go all-out. We’ve got new missions, tougher fights, bigger competitions, some great up-close time with your favorite characters, and explosive moments unlike anything you’ve seen before.” The DLC will be out on PlayStation 3 in January 2013. No price has been revealed as yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog