Sorry Motorola, the Xbox 360 won’t be banned

This has been going on for ages now so we’ll excuse you if you’ve forgotten what on Earth is going on between Motorola and Microsoft. The gist is this: the Xbox 360 uses a piece video decoding software for which Motorola holds the patent. Motorola has allowed other companies to use the technology under a “standard-essential patent” license. That means that Motorola has to license their technology at a fair and reasonable rate if it’s to become industry standard technology.

Microsoft claimed that Motorola was overcharging. Motorola claimed that Microsoft had used their video decoding software without proper licensing and that’s why the Xbox 360 needed to be banned. A US judge sided with Motorola and recommended halting all Xbox 360 imports into the USA. A German court banned Xbox 360 sales, but that decision was over-ruled by an injunction.

Now, however, a final say has been issued in by US District Court Judge Robart, who has sided with Microsoft.

According to Judge Robart, there is no way that Motorola can claim “irreparable harm” caused by Microsoft, nor can Motorola claim that “monetary damages would be inadequate”. As a result, the judge has dismissed Motorola’s request to ban Xbox 360 sales because “injunctive relief is improper in this matter.”

Source: The Verge