Nintendo’s adorable real-time strategy game, Pikmin 3, was supposed to be one of the Wii U’s launch window games. By “launch window”, Nintendo meant that all games falling within that time frame would be out by the end of March 2013. Pikmin 3 will no longer be part of that release schedule.

The announcement of the delay came during a recently held Nintendo Direct conference. There is still no concrete release date for the much anticipated game; instead, Nintendo has provided a vague “Q2 2013”. This puts Pikmin 3’s launch somewhere in between April and June 2013.

No reason has been provided for the delay. If you simply cannot contain your anticipation, and you missed playing the game at this year’s rAge, then you can always read a hands-on with the game over here.

UPDATE: new trailer after the jump!


Source: Eurogamer

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