Watch the best new features of Company of Heroes 2

More often than not, a game’s sequel will bring new features to the series. Company of Heroes 2 is no exception, and developer Relic has begun a series of dev diaries in which the first one discusses the game’s three best new features.

If you’ve been following the game’s development then you will already have heard of the new TrueSight system, Cold Tech and the new vaulting mechanic. It’s clear that the team at Relic are most excited about these new additions, seeing as they’re the topic for the very first dev diary.

Must admit, during the hands-on time with this title it was TrueSight that was the most exciting new feature. The Cold Tech system is going to make life very difficult however, as your troops drop like flies the moment blizzards build up. The flip-side, of course, is that the sudden cold snap conveniently freezes rivers and lakes, which then give you additional options for approaching enemies. Hit the jump to see this all explained and just why these three new features are going to make all the difference.