This weekend my two favourite indie PC games of 2012 are both half price on Steam. At R45 a piece, I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would not jump at Hotline Miami and FTL: Faster Than Light right now.

Faster Than Light has earned an impressive Metacritic score of 84/100, and Hotline Miami is sitting on 85/100. I reviewed both games for NAG Online, and loved both of them.

In Faster Than Light, you control a space ship trying to escape some bad guys that are after you for a reason that is not really important, or ever really fully explained. You will take part in real-time tactical battles, and upgrade your ship along the way. You can get it here.

Hotline Miami is a surprisingly challenging and deep top-down shooter, with a cheesy retro aesthetic that is bound to get under your skin. It can be found by following this link.

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Hotline Miami

FTL: Faster than Light

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