Here’s the latest Tomb Raider trailer

It features lots of harrowing situations and a decidedly stressed-out Lara Croft. But then that’s what we’ve come to expect from this reboot, isn’t it? Luckily there’s a bit of a tonal shift about half-way through. While Lara continues to take her fair share of knocks throughout the trailer, she seems a lot more committed to kicking some butt towards the end.

This is the same trailer that debuted during last week’s Spike TV Video Game Awards. During that show, however, the soundtrack was played by a live orchestra. While it was a really neat touch having the music playing live, it kind of drowned out the trailer’s dialogue. Luckily this one is clearer.

Hit the jump for the trailer; watch Lara realise that she is, perhaps, that kind of a Croft after all.