If you’re a cantankerous old gamer then you might remember playing the DOS/Amiga game Space Hulk way back in 1993. Heck, you might be even older and remember playing the original Games Workshop board game called Space Hulk. There were actually three versions of the board game, and then three video game spin-offs although the latest entry had to be renamed to Alien Assault for legal reasons.

Now a tiny indie company Full Control is making a new Space Hulk game in association with Games Workshop. It’s heading to PC, Mac and iOS devices. The “3D digital turn based strategy game” is being designed to recreate the third edition of the board game entitled “Sin of Damnation”. You’ll get to control a squad of Space Marine Terminators as they fight their way through the “tomb-like chambers of an ancient vessel lost in the graveyard of space.”

Space Hulk will have about 12 missions for you to play through in single-player, but there’ll also be a co-operative mode. On top of that, they’re throwing in a competitive multiplayer mode wherein one player takes on the role of the Space Marines, and the other player plays as the Genestealers (the gross Tyranid aliens that infest the corridors of the space ships). The multiplayer will be cross-platform so PC gamers can play with Mac and iOS opponents.

Tiny reveal trailer after the jump.


You can head over to the official website for now. It’s a little sparse on information but the game was only announced yesterday.

Source: Space Hulk Press Release
Via: Kotaku

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