I’ve known about Project Fiona for a while since it was first posted on Razer’s Facebook page back in January. The company released a teaser of their idea and asked on a Facebook poll later on what their fans thought of it – ten thousand likes were required to give the company incentive to begin development (its now up to 15,000). Basically, its a larger, heavier version of Nintendo’s touch controller they ship with the Wii U. And now, the company finally released some specs and an idea of the price. Will it be a commercial not-success as was the case with the Razer Blade?

So far, its a tablet with a mounting rack that latches onto the back and also holds two wireless controllers. The controllers are detachable and the tablet can stand on its own thanks to a kick-stand at the back – so, basically its a gaming-capable version of Microsoft’s Surface. Razer wants to run Windows 8 on it and it will be x86-based, allowing the company to avoid the pitfalls of choosing the cheaper ARM-based Nvidia Tegra 3 architecture.

So far there will be options with a dual-core i5 and quad-core i7 processor of unknown¬†specification, a discrete GPU powerful enough to run all the games on the tablet on high and 720p resolution and a thickness and weight about double that of the super-slim Apple iPad. The price? They’re quoting something ridiculous between $1299 to $1499. That’s insane. I wonder what prevented them from picking up an AMD APU instead?

Razer hopes to have Fiona ready for a worldwide release sometime early in the second half of 2013. Will this bring about a new sub-genre of hardware, the “gaming tablet?” Will Razer implement some hardware for use in augmented reality games? If you want to experience what this will be like right now, get yourself a Wii U.

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