Alright, so in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I have this unrelenting soft-spot for the Monkey Island series. That soft-spot’s core is melted marshmallows nestled safely in a castle of cotton wool, which is buoyed up by years of childhood memories and pixie dust. When Disney purchased all things Lucas a few weeks ago, the joyful pixies that kept that cotton wool castle afloat were systematically stamped on by lawyers in business suits and Mickey Mouse ears. I wept.

The series’ creator, Ron Gilbert, is also super bummed about seeing his IP carted off to the Magic Kingdom, where it will in all likelihood be forgotten in some massive warehouse; the same warehouse where Mickey Mouse keeps the accumulated franchises that are of no use to him.

Last week, Gilbert expressed his concern about Disney doing nothing with the Monkey Island intellectual property. This week, however, it sounds like he’s going to make a move to get that IP back.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Gilbert said: “I would love to contact [Disney] at some point. I haven’t done anything yet but I definitely want to. I would love to get the rights back to Monkey Island and be able to really make the game I want to make.”

Hold up – “make the game I want to make”? The pixies are stirring.

Apparently Ron Gilbert wants to make more Monkey Island games, but the only way he’ll ever do that is to get his IP back from Disney, which is something he’s decided to try and do.

If Gilbert is able to acquire the rights, then he plans to make more Monkey Island games alongside Tim Schafer and his crew at Double Fine. And if that happens I will, well, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll probably just spontaneously combust from all the awesome.

Source: Eurogamer

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