A lot of people really don’t like BioShock Infinite’s official box art. They say it’s too generic and doesn’t capture the mystery and atmosphere of a BioShock game. Irrational Games main man Ken Levine announced, shortly after the cover’s reveal, that they purposefully gave the box art the generic-shooter appeal. They did that to win over the “frat boys” who might be thoroughly into Call of Duty games but have no idea about the BioShock franchise. It was a trade-off they were willing to make to (hopefully) ensure greater sales.

Levine and co have heard the outraged whining of diehard BioShock fans and have therefore announced that there will be extra covers for you to download and print. However, Irrational have now gone one step further and said that the box-art sleeve will be reversible, just like the Mass Effect 3 cover sleeve was reversible.

If you head on over to (vote for number six) the official Irrational Games website, you can vote for (number six) which cover to appear on the reverse side of the BioShock Infinite cover sleeve. There are (vote for number) six designs to choose from but very little time left to vote because they need to (choose number six) start printing these puppies. So GO! Go and vote (for number six) to quell you seething BioShock fanboy/fangirl rage. I voted for number six, and therefore you should do the same so as to ensure my choice wins. That is all. Also, did that power of suggestion thing work? I’m sure it worked. (Vote for number six.)

Source: Irrational Games

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