Here’s the first look at Dirty Bomb gameplay

Last month, developer Splash Damage announced that they were bringing a new, free-to-play online shooter to the PC. Dirty Bomb is a class-based shooter set in near-future London. Classes announced so far include Medics, Snipers, Soldiers, Field Ops and Engineers.

Each team is given objectives to complete in each round, all while perforating the opposing team by hurling lots and lots of bullets at them. There’s a three-minute gameplay clip that shows a match played in the London Bridge area of England’s capital city. It’s all pre-alpha gameplay, but that’s not stopping it from looking pretty slick.

If you head over to the website, you can make an account and reserve your online name for the free-to-play shooter. There are also five different paid-for packages that you can choose from; each of which brings with them a host of odds and ends both digital and physical. Website is here, and gameplay footage is after the jump.