The problem with holidays is that, even though in life’s all-encompassing holiday brochure we’re shown photos of what promises to be a relaxing time filled with people doing as much nothing as possible, they really do tend to get quite busy. Thus, there’s actually no time to spend writing hundreds of words detailing the wonders and excitement of the first issue of NAG magazine of our year 2013, because we have to get back to scrubbing sea sand out of our nethers, attempting real-life rocket jumps, filling ourselves with booze and all those other oddly time-consuming activities that occupy time spent not at work. Thankfully, where time fails us, there’s always the ever-trusty contents page of the magazine that’ll give you a quick idea of what’s what in the January 2013 edition of your favourite mag. Click through for a look at the cover as well!

And there it is! Isn’t it lovely? It’s on sale right now, and remember that people who prefer their magazines digital can get it from Zinio by clicking this handy link. And just to warn you: you’ll notice that the mag is a bit thinner than usual this month. This is not due to content being cut, but rather because we have fewer ads, as always seems to happen at this time of year thanks to a severe lack of new games. Now, get browsing through that there contents PDF linked below, and then rush off to get your hands on the first step into gaming in 2013.

Click here for the contents PDF [289 KB]

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