Oh hey, that Shadow of the Colossus movie is still happening


I have this unfaltering love affair with Team ICO’s masterpiece Shadow of the Colossus. I first played it on a friend’s PlayStation 2 back before I made the jump from PC gaming to console gaming. I never owned a PlayStation 2, but that didn’t stop me from buying the game just so I could sleep at night knowing I had my own copy. Then the PlayStation 3 arrived and I deliberately hunted high and low to find a backwards compatible unit just so I could play Shadow of the Colossus. This was, obviously, way before Sony began printing money with their “HD re-releases” of the more popular PS2 games. And yes, before you ask yourself, I did buy a second copy by picking up the PlayStation 3 re-release.

So imagine the conflicted feelings I have right now: that on-again-off-again Shadow of the Colossus film appears to be on again thanks to a revelation over on website The Hollywood Report. According to THS, the film has just hired a new script writer: Seth Lochhead. He’s the Canadian bloke who wrote the script for Hanna, which was actually a really great film. This is good news, right? There’s a good script writer penning the story, and there’s a good director – he of sci-fi film Chronicle fame, Josh Trank.

Why am I still utterly afraid of this then? I should probably just gag my SoTC fanboy and take the film for what it’ll be: a game-to-movie adaptation. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: The Hollywood Report