THQ intellectual property to be auctioned off


The vultures have been circling the flailing corpse of THQ for months now. The last time we checked in on this drawn-out decay of the publisher, THQ had secured a financial backer known as Clearlake Capital Group. That sale was given until 15 January 2013 for approval. Other interested parties claimed that wasn’t fair and now a judge has agreed.

Prior to Clearlake’s appearance and proposed purchase, THQ had a number of creditors. Those creditors have maintained that THQ should be made to auction itself off piece by piece. In other words: the publisher has to put up their gaming titles for sale to the highest bidder. A court ruling has agreed to this notion.

Reports are in that rival publishers eyeing the remains of THQ include Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Ubisoft. It’s also been noted that EA representatives have already made “site visits” to THQ. Intellectual properties up for grabs include Metro, Darksiders, Company of Heroes and Saints Row. Apparently, work on upcoming titles like South Park: The Stick of Truth remains unaffected.

Source: IGN