Paris based Cyberpunk Remember Me gets a new trailer


Capcom surprised most people at Gamescom 2012 with the reveal of a new cyberpunk IP called Remember Me. The game stars a Memory Hunter called Nilin, who finds herself on the wrong side of her previous employers. The game is set in Neo-Paris, and honestly the city looks wonderfully detailed and ripe for exploration.

This new trailer shows off quite a bit of the combat system. Also, it sounds like the voice-acting has been spruced up a bit, which (if it has) is a welcomed change. It also looks like Remember Me will feature some boss battles, as Nilin goes toe-to-toe with a character called Kid Xmas towards the end of this trailer.

I’m still not a hundred percent convinced with this game. Setting and over-all plot have my attention, but man that animation slips from time to time. Just look at that jump from one building to another at 0:52.

Remember Me is out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2013.