“Revolution” is Black Ops 2’s first DLC map pack


On 29 January, Treyarch will unleash the very first piece of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Entitled “Revolution”, the map pack will add a lot more than a handful of arenas in which to murder faceless opponents. The pack will bring four new maps, a new weapon (the first time a new weapon has been added as DLC in the history of Call of Duty – apparently that’s a big deal) a new Zombies map and a brand new Zombies game mode.

The four new maps are Downhill, Grind, Hydro and Mirage, and each of them are set in different locations across the globe including China, the French Alps and Los Angeles. Each brings a new twist to multiplayer carnage. For example: Hydro is set in a hydro-power plant that will occasionally flood in certain areas; if you’re caught in the flood you’ll be swept away.

The new Zombie map is called Die Rise. Set in crumbling skyscrapers, the map will bring vertical gameplay to your zombie survival waves. As for the new game mode, that’s called Turned, and you’ll get to play as the zombies hunting down a single human target; kill the human target and you’ll respawn as the human to try your luck at facing off against player-contolled zombies. Hit the jump for a trailer.


As per usual, “Revolution” is a timed exclusive to Xbox 360. It’s also the first part of the four-part DLC offering that’s available via the Black Ops 2 Season Pass. Other platforms will get this content at a later date.