You’ve probably already mourned its passing seeing as this cancelled Episode Four was a thing that existed some time ago. Still, there are some new screenshots and animation tests that have been uncovered from the long-dead project, and fansite ValveTime has spliced the whole lot together in a short video clip.

The content is from what would have been Half-Life 2: Episode Four, which was also called Return to Ravenholm or just Ravenholm. For those who need a memory refresh (and really, you shouldn’t because Half-Life 2 replays are a true gamer’s obligation at least once a year) Ravenholm is that intensely creepy mid-section of Half-Life 2 that’s riddled with headcrabs and zombies. It’s also the first place you meet those howler zombies – I shudder just thinking about those lanky bastards.

Basically, Episode Four was a collaborative effort between Valve and Arkane Studios. Arkane worked on the project between 2006 and 2007. Eventually Valve decided that it was better to shelve the game. That shelving process, however, didn’t expunge all existence of the game, and now we have this very old and very cool screenshot collection. I always felt that Arkane’s Dishonored had echoes of Half-Life 2 in it, and now I’m more convinced than ever. Video after the jump.

Source: ValveTime
Via: Kotaku

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