UK based video game specialist store GAME has placed two unannounced Ubisoft bundles up for pre-order on their online store. A Far Cry bundle called Ultimate Far Cry looks to include all three of the Ubisoft published games. The bundle is expected to retail for £39.99 (just over R560.00) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and £29.99 (just over R420.00) on PC. If this is the case, then this bundle will be the first time that Far Cry 1 will be available on console; a slightly less impressive Far Cry Instincts and its sequel were released on the original Xbox and later on the Xbox 360.

Ultimate Splinter Cell was also revealed via GAME’s website. This compilation was only made available to pre-order on PC however. It is thought that this second Splinter Cell collection (Ubisoft released the Splinter Cell Trilogy HD in 2011 for PS3) might contain the current generation of Splinter Cell games: Double Agent and Conviction

Both listings, however, have since been removed. Attempting to find the Ultimate Splinter Cell listing returns a 505 error, while the Ultimate Far Cry listing now returns a general Far Cry search result. Ubisoft has yet to comment on the listings.

Source: VG25/7 Article 1 and Article 2
Via: Polygon

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