Today I learnt about a game called Unwritten


Have you heard of Roxlou Games? Of course you haven’t – they’re new. They’re based in Texas and led by a bloke called Joe Houston. Joe previously worked on Dishonored but has since broken away from Arkane Studios to start his own dev team. Roxlou Games’ new game is nothing like Dishonored.

It’s called Unwritten: That Which Happened and it’s billed as a turn-based strategy game. At last count, there were 73 trillion turn-based strategy games, so what’s so great about this one? For a start, it’s got gorgeous art style, but then so do many others. Unwritten, however, has some neat story elements in that you build the story as you play, and each game is never the same as the whole of Unwritten is randomly generated.

You play the leader of a nomadic clan journeying across a dangerous tundra towards a mountain. The clan believes that their god lives on that mountain, and so they set off to tell the god about the story of their clan.

The tundra is represented as a top-down hexagonal overworld map – it’s very similar to Civilization in that regard. As you progress over the tundra and towards the mountain, you’ll encounter other clans that you might have to fight. Sometimes you’ll encounter “story events”, which play out as you (the leader of the clan) recounting the events of that particular story event. This is where some decision making comes in; you might decide to befriend some encountered people, or you might decide to kill them. Every story event decision carries consequences and different stat change to your clan. Artistically, the story events play out like Balinese shadow puppetry – the effect is rather lovely.

On the hexagonal tundra map, everything is randomly generated; this includes “maps, story elements, units, abilities, and enemies.” In a sense, the game is also somewhat of a rogue-like. The team working on Unwritten have also begun referring to the game as “Sid Meier’s Civilization meets Oregon Trail.”

At present, there’s a Kickstarter that’s a few days old. In total, Roxlou Games is looking to raise $75, 000.00 to fund Unwritten. You can head over to the Kickstarter page to check out the finer details, but also be sure to watch the brief introductory video I’ve embedded above to see that shadow puppetry in action.

If all of this doesn’t already sound rather interesting, then know this: the game has llamas. Sold!

Source: Kickstarter
Via: PC Gamer