Disney INFINITY unveiled, is what we were expecting


Disney Interactive has lifted the lid on Disney Infinity during a press conference in Hollywood. For months now, rumours and speculation have swirled around the game that was initially codenamed “Toy Box”. Pretty much all of that rumour and speculation has now been confirmed.

Disney Infinity will allow players to collect plastic figurines of Disney characters, and then import those characters into the Disney Infinity game via an Infinity Base. In addition to character figurines, players will also be able to collect Power Discs that will grant their characters special powers in the game. Furthermore, there will be collectible pieces that will bring greater customization options to the game. The launch line-up will include 17 Disney character figurines, 40 customization pieces and 20 Power Discs.

Disney Infinity will be built around multiple worlds from within the Disney IP stables; these worlds are called Play Sets. In June, Disney Infinity will launch with three Play Sets each based on the films of Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters inc. and The Incredibles.  Trailer after the jump.

These Play Sets will be central to the Disney Infinity experience, and each character will bring in its own Play Set. A Play Set will have its own collection of game types and missions designed for that character. While playing through the Play Set missions, you’ll unlock collectibles and customisation pieces for a separate (and rather exciting) portion of Disney Infinity called “Toy Box” mode.

The Toy Box mode is where the whole “infinity” concept comes in as players will be able to build their own worlds (made up from bits of other Disney IP that they’ve collected in Play Sets) and game modes. Simple logic pressure plates will be built into Toy Box mode so that player designed games and challenges can be made. Think LittleBigPlanet only on a 3D plane rather than a 2D side-scroller.

And of course, multiplayer will pervade every aspect of Disney Infinity – both Toy Box mode and the Play Set missions.

Only characters that belong to a particular IP can play in the various Play Sets. In other words: you won’t be able to teleport Jack Sparrow into The Incredibles Play Set. However, all characters can interact and play together in Toy Box mode. Disney Interactive’s co-president John Pleasants summed up Toy Box mode with the following bit of rhetoric: “Who would win a race between Lightning McQueen or Dash? Who would win a sword fight between Jack Sparrow and Phineas Flynn? This is the promise and magic of Disney Infinity. It’s up to you to unlock the heart and soul of Disney Infinity.”

In case you were wondering why Jack Sparrow looks a little weird, or Sully doesn’t look as fluffy, all of the characters in the game have been given the same aesthetic. The reasoning is pretty understandable: each Disney IP has its own look, so in order for there to be uniformity amongst the characters and art styles, Disney Interactive created a Disney Infinity aesthetic for all of the entire game.

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Disney Infinity is launching on 01 June 2013. It will first launch on the consoles (PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Xbox 360) and then move on to mobile platforms and PC before the end of the year. The starter pack includes the game, an Infinity Base and three figurines; this will sell for $74.99 (just over R660.00). Additional Play Sets will cost $34.99 (just over R300.00). A triple pack of figurines will cost $29.99 (just over R260.00) or $12.99 (R115.00) on their own, and Power Discs will be sold in blind packages at $4.99 (just over R40.00) a pop.

Personally, I think this is going to make mountains of money. Disney has a massive collection of instantly recognisable characters and films to draw from, and that alone will give them a significant edge over their biggest competition: Activision’s Skylanders. Furthermore, there’s already talk of them bringing the Marvel and Star Wars franchises into the game. Yeah – money. Lots and lots of money.

Source: Polygon