WIN! One of two Leitz Desktop Multi-chargers

You know what’s worse than having a thousand charger cables cluttering a single plug point, making it look like you’ve emptied a bag of angry snakes all over your charging zone of choice because I need hyperbole here and snakes are the obvious choice? To be fair, lots of things are worse than that. For example: finding a dead fly in that delicious cup of coffee you made two minutes ago is much, much worse. But! Thousands of errant charger cables is nonetheless annoying, and Leitz would like to provide assistance with ridding such annoyances by affording you the chance to win one of two Leitz Desktop Multi-chargers, valued at R2,500 each. With any luck, it’ll at the very least make the dead-fly discovery a bit easier to bear. Click through for a look at (and more info on) complete charging convenience, which could be yours.

Firstly, below are some images of it. It comes in black and white, although we’re not sure which variant you may or may not be getting, depending on your level of luck. Following that is a description of the product (and Leitz, apparently), which you should read if you seek further information. Go go go!

“With a continuous research and development program, Leitz products are constantly being updated and renewed to ensure they continue to perform at their best for you. There are five product ranges within the Leitz brand portfolio – WOW, iLAM, Complete, ImpressBIND and Bebop. The revolutionary design, practical features and attractive colours of these products add to the streamlined efficiency they bring to the workspace.
Leitz Complete
The Leitz Complete range of accessories enhance the use of iPhones and iPads, which continue to create a demand for increasingly sophisticated accessories. The Leitz concept is the preferred choice for the home user and professionals.
The Leitz Desktop Multicharger for mobile devices is made from strong ABS plastic that can be used for charging various USB devices. The product includes a power supply unit, standard, mini and micro USB connectors for Apple products plus cable drums to keep your cables neat and tidy. It is available in black and white with green rubberized trim to prevent your devices from slipping down while charging.”

For more information on the company that distributes these products, go here. In order to slot your name firmly into the list of names eligible to win one of this pair of prizes, all you need to do is leave a comment below.

Please note that this competition is open only to South African residents.