Good news everyone! And by everyone we actually really mean the two of you who haven’t given up on Bethesda bringing Skyrim DLC to the lacklustre PlayStation 3 version. All of the missing downloadable content will be available for you to play in February. Hooray! Party hats and cake for everyone!

The most recent piece of DLC, “Dragonborn”, will be available first, followed by “Dawnguard” and “Hearthfire” later in the month. All items of DLC will be 50% off on the PlayStation Store during the first week of their releases. We guess that’s a nice way for Bethesda to say sorry for keeping you waiting for months.

Incidentally, PC players can get “Dragonborn” on 05 February, which is when Microsoft’s timed exclusivity blood pact with Bethesda obviously runs out. That’s 05 February for PC only though – Bethesda has yet to confirm exactly when in February the content will hit PS3. But hey, at least it’s finally coming.

Source: Twitter

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