Hello NAGlings! Just thought I’d drop this by you. You remember that Alienware X51 I previewed a while ago, right? Well, since the local portal launch, we’ve had an official outlet to buy the X51 from, but at R11,000 many felt it was overpriced. Its recently taken a cut to R10,000 and looks much better as a result. While you may feel that the entry-level model using a Core i3-2120, Nvidia’s GT545, 4GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive isn’t worth the cost, you’re paying more for the brilliant engineering that went into the console-like chassis, barely bigger than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim. If you were looking for something more beefy, Alienware also offers a Core i5 quad-core and Nvidia’s GTX660 for R3000 more.

alienware x51

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