Suda 51 and his development team Grasshopper Manufacture are well known for producing seriously offbeat games. Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw – they’re all definitely “out there” in terms of character design and style. As such, the CEO and his team have acquired a bit of a cult following.

Their next game is called Killer Is Dead, and while it follows similar themes to earlier works like No More Heroes and 2005’s Killer7, it’s not really being billed as a sequel to these titles. Still, assassination is the order of the day as you play a character called Mondo Zappa who is tasked with taking out numerous targets in a near-future setting loaded with cyborgs and space travel. The game promises “love and execution” – how very dramatic.

The first trailer has been released, which you can find after the jump. The opening few seconds are a little NSFW in the sound department, so if you don’t want to be mistaken for watching porn at school or work, turn the volume down. Alternatively, turn the volume off altogether because the whole thing is in Japanese anyway – fortunately there are subtitles.

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