StarCraft II: HotS opening cinematic is fittingly OMG-filled


Alright, so here’s the thing: NAG HQ is obsessed with StarCraft II. Whenever I visit the offices I’ll invariably walk-in on a Starcraft II foursome between RedTide, Geometrix, Barkskin and Savage. Sometimes, if one of them isn’t there, I’ll be roped into that foursome and honestly, when that happens, the NAG team experiences staggering victories because I’m that good. (Disclaimer: I’m not. I’m utterly hopeless at StarCraft II multiplayer and invariably die screaming in the first two minutes.)

While I suck at the game, I have this undying love for the Zerg despite my inability to play as them with any semblance of aptitude. It doesn’t matter; they’re icky and creepy and while some would call them evil, I believe they’re just misunderstood and that’s why I love them. Needless to say, Heart of the Swarm is the StarCraft II chapter I’m most excited about.

And here’s its opening cinematic. Blizzard has this steadfast ability to create jaw-dropping cinematics, and this one continues that tradition. It’s glorious. Kerrigan is still furious with Mengsk and stuff is going to go down – much like that Battlecruiser towards the end of the intro. Holy balls – bring on 12 March.

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