BioShock Infinite prequel novella arriving February


One of the great things about the BioShock games is the detailed worlds that Irrational have created. The city of Rapture was ripe for narrative exploration, and this resulted in the rather excellent BioShock: Rapture novel, which was written by John Shirley. Rapture was a prequel novel to the events of the first BioShock and it introduces you to key characters encountered in the game. If you’re a fan of the games and you haven’t read Rapture, I thoroughly recommend you give it a go.

In March, Irrational Games will release BioShock Infinite, which must be one of 2013’s most anticipated games. This time around, they’re releasing a prequel novel before the game is out (BioShock: Rapture released quite a while after the first game was out). Entitled BioShock Infinite: A Mind in Revolt, the tiny, forty page novella is written entirely in the game’s narrative – which is to say, the content of the novella is meant to read as if it was written by somebody in the game.

In the game, the book isn’t actually called A Mind in Revolt but rather The Psychology of Dissent: Interview with the Anarchist. The book is a case study written by a character called Dr. Francis Pinchot, who is a psychologist assigned to trying to figure out the mind of Daisy Fitzroy – the founder of the Vox Populi resistance movement. A few years before the events of the game, Fitzroy is captured by the ruling Founders of Columbia, and it is during this time of capture that she is subjected to psychological study at the hands of this Dr. Pinchot.

The novella has actually been written by Joe Fielder and Ken Levine. Together, the two of them also wrote the entire story for the game. As such, A Mind in Revolt is meant to provide further context to the events of the game without being crammed with spoilers.

BioShock Infinite: A Mind in Revolt will be out on 12 February as a Kindle eBook. It’ll cost $2.99 off Amazon’s store, but it will be free to anyone who pre-orders the game from Amazon as well. Obviously, pre-ordering from Amazon is not really an option for us here in South Africa, but buying and downloading Kindle eBooks is easy. If you don’t have a Kindle or an iPad or any smart phone capable of running a Kindle app, then you can download a Kindle program for PC or Mac. Heck, there’s even an online Kindle reader through Chrome.

Source: Polygon