Giblets: Nvidia has a GTX685 on the way

Of course, “GTX685” is one of the working titles floating around at the moment, but I like it. A popular story with Nvidia fans is that when the company was trialling out its cards, it originally had something much more powerful than a GTX680 planned – a card based on the GK110 design, which was later redeployed to serve Nvidia’s high-end Quadro and Tesla market. Codenamed “Titan”, the newcomer should be dropping in to say hello in Q1 of this year. Consisting of 2880 CUDA cores, a 384-bit bus and GDDR5 RAM, this could be launched and handled by Nvidia and its partners in the same way they did the GTX690 – no custom coolers, no stickers, just pure Geforce goodness. Some claims going around the internet suggest the card will boast around 85% of the GTX690’s performance, while still remaining a single-GPU product. At launch, it’ll be the fastest single-GPU card ever made and probably will remain so for quite some time. It’ll be big, it’ll suck a lot of power, but it will carry with it ultimate bragging rights.

Just to put this in perspective for those of you who aren’t familiar, GK110 is basically TWO GTX670 chips smashed together into ONE die. If you have to ask about the price, you probably cant afford it.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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