Here’s a very fancy Elder Scrolls Online cinematic


The Elder Scrolls series of RPGs is being turned into an MMORPG imaginatively called The Elder Scrolls Online. In keeping with MMORPG marketing tradition, Zenimax Online Studios has released a very cool CGI trailer that couldn’t be further removed from what the game’s actual gameplay will be like. Yep, we’re heading deep into generic fantasy MMORPG territory here.

Snarky commentary aside, this trailer is fantastic. It’s also rather long, clocking in at way over the five minute mark. It follows three different heroes doing what fantasy heroes do best: slaughtering hordes of enemies. As great as the trailer is, once again, you’d have to be told that you were watching something to do with The Elder Scrolls – sadly, this could pass for any online fantasy game.

The trailer has been released in honour of the opening of beta sign-ups. If you’re frothing at the mouth for the game, then head on over here to sign-up for the game’s beta. It’s a limited and closed beta so there’s no guarantee you’ll get in. Also, judging by the form, the more MMORPG gaming experience you have, the better your chances of getting in. Hit the jump for the trailer.