Microsoft may help Dell in becoming Private Equity Firm

A big challenge for Dell Corporation (almost read that as “Dahl Corporation”, hehe) is to get you to part with your money for their products – so far, they’re not doing very well. Revenues and operating profits for the company have been at their lowest in the last decade and the company last year started seeking a shares buyout to return to an equity-based firm, taking it off the stock market and helping secure its cash reserves better in case of another global economy crash. Microsoft may offer up to $2 billion to help Michael Dell finance the $22 billion required to buy all the shares back, in return for Dell continuing to put Windows software on the majority of its devices – this could possibly mean the death of the Ubuntu-running XPS 13 Ultrabook. The buyout will probably commence sometime this week and Dell will become a private corporation once again mid-way through February. As the PC market declines, more companies will follow Dell’s exit from the stock market in order to direct their futures better, without the constant threat of stepping on the toes of shareholders. One thing’s for sure – without Dell, Microsoft’s job of selling its OS to the market would be a lot harder.


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