Tyranny of King Washington DLC hits 19 February


Ubisoft has announced that its alternate history themed DLC, “The Tyranny of King Washington”, will be available on 19 February for PC and Xbox 360. It will come to PlayStation 3 a day later. As for the Wii U, no release date has been given.

This will be the first instalment in a three-part DLC offering. The first chapter is entitled The Infamy. Later chapters have been dubbed The Betrayal and The Redemption. Each piece of the three-part DLC will cost 800 MS Points or $9.99. They’ll cost £7.99 if you have a UK based account for your platform of choice. If you ponied up the 2, 400 MS Points or $29.99 for the Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass, then all three chapters will be free – so to speak.

In the alternate history DLC, Connor never joins the assassins. He awakes one morning to find that George Washington has seized control of America and crowned himself king. It’ll obviously be up to Connor to set things right because everyone else is too busy drinking tea or running from those creepy street kids.

Source: Eurogamer