Dead Space 3 laaaaaaaunch trailerrrrrrr!


Dead Space 3! It’s got dead things! In space! For the Third time! It also, rather unsurprisingly, has fans divided: on the one hand, there’s co-op, cover-based shooting and a very capable and hardcore Isaac Clarke. On the other hand, all the pant-wetting terror seems to have been gradually removed from the series in much the same way that you gradually removed limbs from Necromorphs… while screaming like a baby.

There’s no doubt that the series has gone in a more action-orientated direction, but it still looks pretty creepy, doesn’t it? If you need to make up your mind and you’re feeling intellectual, there’s a preview for the game written by our own Geometrix right over here. If, however, you’re feeling lazy and interacting with actual letters and words seems a bit too much like hard work, then we have this shiny new launch trailer for you to watch instead.

A number of things to note about this trailer: first of all, EA felt the need to paste a garish “Actual Gameplay Footage” notification over the bits that are, wait for it, actual gameplay. Second of all, either EA’s CGI marketing team has gotten REALLY good, or there’s an actual person playing Isaac Clarke at one point in the trailer. And finally, third of all, there’s a Phil Collins song playing throughout. Sadly, it’s a cover of Phil Collins, and I’m almost entirely convinced that actual Phil Collins would’ve been a better fit because Phil Collins. Hit that jump!

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