Superbot hit with layoffs


A number of developers over at SuperBot, the team behind the recently launched PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, have been laid off. The news of the layoffs first cropped up on Twitter but has since been confirmed by Sony.

“SCEA can confirm that SuperBot Entertainment did make a reduction in their workforce today,” an official statement read. “The studio and SCEA remain committed to supporting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale post launch, including developing the title’s forthcoming DLC releases in the coming months. The first character pack (including Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk) will be available for download on February 12 and will be free for the first two weeks. We’ll be sharing news of additional upcoming content soon.”

This comes just over two months after PlayStation All-Stars released. Despite the fact that the game received lukewarm reviews, these reductions are more likely the result of SuperBot shedding excess staff now that their game is out in the wild.

Source: IGN