We’ve already had plenty of “damn good” trailers for BioShock Infinite, but this one breaks the mould that’s usually used by game publishers to advertise upcoming games. It doesn’t have any catchy music, explosions or boobs – trailer staples for selling games these days. Instead, this trailer has been fashioned after an oldschool TV advert for a soon-to-be-aired documentary on this mysterious floating city called Columbia.

Basically, this new trailer provides some pre-history for the game and specifically the setting for BioShock Infinite. You’ll learn about when the city of Columbia first made an appearance, the man behind the original vision, and what made the floating city cut ties with America. It’s a scene-setting device, one that puts you in the shoes of an American citizen during the early 1900s, looking up at the sky and wondering where that city went.

For those of you wanting to avoid as much gameplay as possible prior to the March 26th release date, you can head into this trailer knowing that there’s no gameplay at all. There are a couple of still pictures from the game, but they’ve been heavily doctored to fit in with the fake documentary, TV spot aesthetic. Trailer after the jump.

UPDATE: Now with Part 2!

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