Things are gearing up for the launch of Dead Space 3, and a few days ago it was revealed that the PC version of the game is going to be the most basic of straight-up ports. In other words: PC gamers get nothing extra aside from some very simple graphics options. There’s no DirectX 11 support and no high-res textures to speak. Basically, the PC version is, for all intents and purposes, the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version, but with mouse and keyboard support.

Naturally, PC gamers are pissed about this, and Dead Space 3 is now the go-to exhibit when PC enthusiasts moan about how consoles are holding games back.

The good news is that Visceral Games has heard your anguished cries, Master Race. The bad news is that they really couldn’t care less.

The game’s executive producer Steve Papoutsis has come out in defence of Visceral’s decision not to provide an optimised version of Dead Space 3 on PC. Speaking to website Shacknews, Papoutsis said: “As developers, you want to deliver an experience that’s as similar as possible on different platforms.”

While Papoutsis believes that Visceral has made progress in PC ports, they “certainly don’t target PC as something that’s going to be significantly different,” and for them the primary concern when it comes to platforms is to “make sure everyone’s having that same experience.”

Look on the bright side, PC gamers, at least you get to use a mouse and keyboard: “The fact that we’re allowing you to control the game with a mouse and keyboard immediately makes the game feel different.”

There, you see? You’re allowed to use the mouse and keyboard, so consider yourselves lucky.

Source: Shacknews

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