Aerocool’s Templarius family debuts with the Ferrum, Telum

I’ll be straight with you, dear reader: I don’t like many of Aerocool’s chassis designs. Often they seem to be duking it out with Thermaltake to see who can add in the most snazzy lights or the weirdest design choices. Lately, however, the market has been moving to handsome, well-defined and understated designs that pretty much tick all the boxes and, surprisingly, one of those that I like is Aerocool’s Ferrum and Telum, two chassis from the Templarius family.


There’s a lot of design nods to other manufacturers here and this looks like a step in the right direction for Aerocool, back to the glory days when its crowning achievement was the rotated Masstige. Both the Ferrum and the Telum are priced and featured to go up against NZXT’s Source 210, a strong contender in the €50 price range.


The Telum features mesh side and top panels, a two-tone colour scheme if you go for the white one, a top-mounted, three-speed fan controller, built-in cable management and enough space to fit in dual graphics cards and have all the cables neatly tucked away from view. There’s possibly space for a dual-rad setup at the top, or a 140mm fan if you prefer. It only poses two problems to the system builder – its rather short and features that annoying lip where the confines of the ATX specification ends in the motherboard tray. If you use a board with rotated SATA ports, the bottom row is somewhat blocked off and there’s a real danger of bending them when you’re trying to insert your SATA cables. Not cool, guys, not cool.


The Ferrum looks to be the better-value model because, for one, its much larger. It comes in a two-tone white and black or a full black colour scheme and features only one 120mm side vent, with two 120mm top vents that can also accommodats a 140mm fan. That’s OK, though, because it doesn’t have an annoying lip blocking off anything and can fit in extremely long graphics cards because all the drive bays are 5.25″ in size. Converting those to 3.5 or even 2.5″ will be a bit trying, but its do-able. Both chassis have a single USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and the usual audio front-panel ports.

Both chassis are currently selling in the European market and will hit the US sometime next month. We might get them too. The Telum retails between €50 and €55, while the Ferrum will peak at around €45.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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