The FX-4130 was originally slated to be released in Q3 of 2012, alongside the FX-4100 as its slightly faster sibling. Compared to the FX-4100, it boasts a 200MHz boost in stock clocks and will Turbo boost all cores to 3.9GHz when under load, should you leave that option on. It has half the cache of the FX-4100, but does ship with a better stock cooler, the same one found boxed with the FX-8350. AMD has sent out a skewed graph together with their press release and it promises performance improvements in the range of 3-9%.


UPDATE: It’s actually just another Bulldozer core, not Piledriver-based. Sorry for the confusion guys, that’ll teach me to learn to double-check other tech sites more properly. I’ve edited the article accordingly.

In any case, with production of “Vishera” cores now AMD’s main priority, I expect the company to announce some ramping down in production of Bulldozer-based chips any day now. We’re well into 2013 and there’s already talk of the second generation of socket FM2 APU family getting ready to be launched either just after or during Computex this year. AMD’s goal should be to have 28nm production tapered out by the time the new APUs hit the market, giving them some leeway in the Steamroller release due in early 2014.


On the whole, though, the Piledriver release for AMD has been on schedule. They’ve now replaced their Bulldozer lineup completely, with the FX-4300 replacing the FX-4170 and neatly offering a much more easily understood product line. Best value for money? That honour probably would be handed over to the FX-6300, were it not so that AMD still has latency issues when it comes to its L2 and L3 cache. This should be fixed by the time Steamroller hits the market and we might even see those fixes as early as this year, with the “Richland” APU family.

As far as their execution goes, AMD must be commended with how briskly it’s going about with product launches and improvements. Not even Intel is this busy on the desktop space. Now they just need a better advertising department.

Source: XbitLabs (please note, they’re wrong about the Vishera connection!)

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